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Raising kids is a full time job on it’s own, but what you don’t have to do alone is teach them about faith! Enjoy these resources and support in building a home that

My Story Of Having Faith Over Fear

When our world started crumbling around us as my business fell due to changes in my industry, I began focusing more on my mantra of having Faith over Fear. Each time a crisis would rise, I’d repeat “Faith over Fear” and trust that “If the Lord leads you TO it, The Lord will lead you THROUGH it.” Then 2020 arrived with the closing of schools. Then, I understood why those changes were necessary. My daughter needed me to be her teacher, and I couldn’t do that while also working with my previous clients. I began designing cute printable worksheets and teaching her things that she wouldn’t necessarily learn in school. I loved being able to incorporate bible verse coloring pages and Christian worksheets into her learning. It was also a lot of fun to decorate her room with beautiful Christian wall art. That’s when I realized I could use what I had created to build Faith Over Fear Creations and be able to support my family!