Choosing The Best Education as a Christian Parent

As a parent, we have the important responsibility of determining what the best schooling situation is best for your kids. It’s crucial to take the time to research your options and make an informed decision before jumping in. There are several options including public education, private Christian education and homeschool or cooperative homeschooling that are just a few of the schooling avenues available for families today. Pin this post to reference it at any time or share it with a friend!

Christian Parenting

What School Is Best For My Child as a Christian Parent?

Seeking education for your children can be overwhelming. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what the best option is. There are benefits and disadvantages to every option and taking your lifestyle into account is important. I have always been passionate about the importance of education.  Many Christian couples will opt to send their children through the Christian education system without giving it much thought. It is a Christian program, after all, so what could be the problem, right? This happens in much the same way that non-Christian parents don’t think twice about sending their children to public school. And while I am not suggesting that Christian education is a poor choice, I am saying that it is a choice to be considered among other good choices.

Benefits to Homeschooling as a Christian Parent

   Once I became a Christian I noticed a lot of parents made the decision to homeschool their children. 

  • You are choosing what your child is being taught, because you are choosing the curriculum. 
  • You can teach as slowly or as quickly as you choose instead of expecting your child to be at the same pace as other students.
  • You can teach your child that values that you wish to instill in them.
  • You can add in any kind of lessons you want that may not be offered in a traditional setting: Cooking, Bible Study, 

  For some people, the thought of teaching their children at home seems daunting, but there are plenty of resources to help, including our Etsy shop with printable bible related activities for kids! Plus, if you know other parents in your local church, who may also be choosing to homeschool, it’s a great way to get support for you and socialization for the kids. This option works great if a parent is already staying home to be the primary caregiver. That being said, not every family has the option to stay home with their children. Another thing to keep in mind is you have to seek out extracurricular activities rather than a school introducing them. There are resources available for families who homeschool and students are able to join or participate in any activities your public school district offers such as sports, clubs, dances, etc.

Pros and Cons of a Christian School Education

There are obvious benefits to choosing Christian education for children. First and foremost, there is no better place for children to be introduced to the foundational beliefs of Christianity that during the school day as they grow up. Unlike homeschooling, you do not have to work as hard to create social situations because they will come more naturally to your children in the group setting of a private Christian school. They will be creating their own relationships and friendships outside of the home rather than you seeking out activities for them. Ideally, the other children at the private school are being raised with the same values, so you still have that consistent environment around God that you would with homeschooling. 

 The difficulty with this option is the cost. There are scholarships available to help parents, if you qualify or some parents will make the decision to work an extra job specifically to pay for the tuition. Another thing to keep in mind, depending on the private school, there likely will not be time for one on one teaching in the classroom like there is with homeschooling but, not all children require that. To find a private school in your area, you can search through the Department of Education, and you can even narrow your search to find exactly what you are looking for.

Public School

   Public school is another option.  The benefit of public school is that it is free! And like the private school, you don’t have to think about the social aspect as much. The disadvantage is that you don’t know what they are being taught. There is also no room for personalizing the curriculum according to the individual child, which again not every child needs. The other disadvantage is that public schools will not instill Christian values intentionally. In fact, in my experience, it’s encouraged to not talk about the Bible or Jesus at all.  That’s not to say a public school is a bad option, it’s just wise to be aware of. You can turn it into an advantage by encouraging your child to talk about God to their friends who otherwise might not hear about Him. 

Supporting Your Child’s Education as a Christian Parent

If you are intentional about modeling your faith in your life, your children will not be easily influenced by the world. No matter the route you take for your child’s education, I believe the important thing is that we are transparent about what the world says versus what Jesus says. Encourage your children to ask questions about God both at home and at school. It is natural to be afraid of the questions but I am here to remind you that our God is not afraid of our questions or our children’s questions. Christ created our children for a specific purpose and He is their ultimate Teacher.

What Advice Do You Have For Christian Parents Looking At Choices In Education?

What is the best choice for your family? No one can make that but you. All I can tell you is not to make a choice about Christian education or public education quickly. Take your time, do some research, and talk to parents you trust that have put their kids through Christian education and public education to see what they would suggest. So, choosing the best education for your children should be done prayerfully and in a way that you can best glorify God. So, if that is homeschooling so you can build that solid foundation at home, then great! If it’s sending your children to a private Christian school so they have that biblical foundation with more structure, then do that! If public school is the best fit, it is a great opportunity to teach your children to be a light for Christ! I believe we have different options because Christ needs believers in all different lifestyles and He can use your children in all circumstances.

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